I love the marriage between talk radio and free media that is commonly known as podcasting and spend literally every free moment thinking about the space. My interests range from the international podcast scenes to internals like formats and compositions. I can nerd out on podcast technology but I am mostly fascinated by the people who make up this incredibly free and creative space. My own projects are either podcasts or portals that make it easier to discover awesome content. Take a look yourself:


My only English podcast: Sebastian and I love to argue and in 2debate we battle in a very compact formal debating format. Only 12 minutes total and sides assigned by coin flip are key properties of this project. Episodes release every 2-3 weeks.


Anerzählt is a daily podcast in which I tell stories inspired by the episode number.
This is my signature podcast project and approaching the 600st episode. If this sounds like too many at first, then start with my little best of collection for a first impression.


I well remember my first contact with podcasts and how hard it was to find new content. Podcorn is here to help. Especially if you’re completely new to podcasting this curation tries to find episodes (not feeds) that may serve as a segway drug…


It is a common assumption that the internet never forgets. Unfortunately that is not quite true and especially podcasts disappear all the time. Podperlen is trying to surface German podcasts that have gone silent or may only exist in obscure archives and corners of the net that are not as easy to find than a regular Google search.


Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world without any time limit? Das Ferngespräch follows the route of Alexander who did just that. One year, around the world and many fascinating experiences.