I blog, I wrote blogposts before I knew what it is called and before that I had a diary. That said, I have a habit of killing things off the internet after a while, so don’t expect the following projects to stay there forever 🙂 The first blog is in English, all other projects are in my native language, German.


This is a rather small collection articles I wrote. Like with Dauerstauner they tend to be a little longer than your usual blog media diet. I host them on Medium and aspire to do more there. I will get to it as soon as inspiration strikes or as soon as enough people ping me for it. Whatever comes first 🙂


This is my main writing outlet. I don’t necessarily maintain a record and keep all of it but some of my articles make it into my no-frills-no pictures basic blog Dauerstauner. I write rarely but if I do I believe that I actually had to say something worth writing about.


I well remember my first contact with podcasts and how hard it was to find new content. Podcorn is here to help. Especially if you’re completely new to podcasting this curation tries to find episodes (not feeds) that may serve as a segway drug… Every episode also has a descriptive article which is why I mention this project here as well.


It is a common assumption that the internet never forgets. Unfortunately that is not quite true and especially podcasts disappear all the time. Podperlen is trying to surface German podcasts that have gone silent or may only exist in obscure archives and corners of the net that are not as easy to find than a regular Google search. Podperlen is also the place where I write a bit more about podcasting history and podcast archives.