Oh, hi, welcome!

I’m glad you found me!

If you made it here, chances are that you came here either through one of my podcasts, via blog posts I wrote, to learn more about my work at Google or because you saw me speaking somewhere.

This page here exists to help you navigating my current projects and the content I produce. Have a look at the menu bar for quick links. If you came here for  my shortbio, a speaker picture or similar resources, see the resources tab in the menu or click here.

For work I tend to be involved in conferences, developer centric programs and tech communities globally. This is so much of a passion of mine that I made it my Master thesis and even toy with the idea to put a PhD on top of it. Developers and creative professionals are the force shaping our future right now and the communities around it are the birth place of every innovation we’ll see in the decades to come.

I love being a part of that and love the power and creativity that we find in technologies around us. We’re just at the beginning. Buckle in, it’ll be an amazing ride!